Celebrates our land, our people and our culture

Our gastronomic approach mainly the genuine gastronomy of the center states of our country,
the most delicious recipes of the typical Mexican cuisine.

by mexico

We are inspired in the Mexican territory, its parties, its folklore and its Mexican Gulf beauty

Our chefs retake the culinary techniques that have prevailed for centuries in our country and give it a contemporary twist to present to the cosmopolitan city of Dubai.


We were inspired by the mythology of our culture and the ancient Aztec empire. In its deities and mystical rites that endure through art and architecture.

The artisans of the states of the center and of the south have conserved the style of the ancient artistry in their textile products and decorations, we have customized every piece of to give life to Meshico Restaurant and to offer an incomparable and exquisite visual experience to our guests.

As main elements we have used sculptures in stone quarry, blown glass, wood and metal as well as mosaics and sculptural pieces inspired in the art coming from states of the center of the country.

One of the most impressive elements you will find in Meshico are birds that are distinguished within our mythology like the hummingbird, deity of the Mexican culture and symbol of spirituality.

Biggest tequila collection in UAE

Tequila is a national emblem of Mexico, and one of the most popular liquor world wide

We have an extensive collection of our best and most recognized Tequilas, coming mainly from the state of Guadalajara where blue agave plant is native and the best tequilas in the world are produced.

With our exclusive collection of tequilas, we would like to exhibit the best versions of the different tequilas produced in our country. You will be delighted with the best brands of white tequila, rested and aged tequila.

Service Style

Meshico also stands out by its extravagant cocktail bar that evokes visitors to enjoy unlimited time.

Elegant and casual, breezy mood built by the best electronic music and suggestive entertainment, catered by extraordinary mixologists and the best chefs from Mexico and the world.

We embrace the cultural and ideological diversity of the city of Dubai and create an out-of-court space where you can flow freely in a relaxed atmosphere day and night.

Mission and Vision

We want each person who visits Meshico to have a unique and original experience. Offering an exceptional and personalized service to each of our customers. Innovation, enthusiasm, tolerance and respect are the basis of our daily performance.

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